We are a husband & wife team with a passion for creating hand-crafted & high end bespoke items for anyone & everyone!

It all begins with the highest quality raw ingredients that we source from local and family owned businesses around the World. 

In our quest to bring you the very best, we strive to ensure that we work with our raw ingredient and wood suppliers to ensure that the focus is on quality. We are also constantly experimenting with different fragrances, woods, and milling techniques to ensure that we offer the best products possible. 

And, it goes without saying, we take delight in coming up with the rather special scents for each one of our Lucky You! Lotion bars. 

When you purchase from Tangled Arts, you can do so knowing that our lovingly hand-dyed, custom milled luxury items are truly unique and not available anywhere else in the world. We are passionate about each and every product we produce for you, and hope each purchase provides you with endless joy.