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I have a sore throat. So, I thought the right thing to do would be to get in a blog post before the thing that is to be a head cold takes over my body and I am no longer able to make sense at all.

I knit a fish. It is also a hat.

Sew Me Up!

The hat is from Knitty’s Winter ’08 issue.  I used left over Malabrigo, handspun, and some other, unidentifiable yarn. It will soon belong to this person:

A Hat for Bunnah

Tonight she told me that Cowboys is a dumb name because they don’t ride cows. She prefers “Horse Guys”. We settled on “Horse Persons”. Wacky is as wacky does, I guess. Hopefully she loves the hat.

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So, today I shirked work to spend some time on the things that are important. Things like Bunny’s first day of school.


Bunny - First Day of Grade One

Bunny - First Day of Grade One


And, I put aside my swap socks to work on my Undulating Waves Scarf.


Undulating Waves in Schaefer Heather

Undulating Waves in Schaefer Heather


Still no photos of the car, I know. I really have no excuse. Maybe next time.

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This is the conversation that Bunny and I had on the way home last night from my sister’s baby shower.

 Bunny: Why did she (my sister) have to have all those people we didn’t know at her shower?

Me: They were her friends and other family

Bunny: Well, at least no one laid a hand on me.

Me: Well, I don’t think that she would invite anyone that was mean.

Bunny: She would if she was a bank robber.

Me: Well, I am pretty sure she isn’t a bank robber.

Bunny: Well, you never know.

I guess you never really do know, but given that she is 8 months pregnant, she probably won’t be robbing any banks for a while. My kid says the craziest things. And, I don’t know if I should be more concerned that she was thinking someone might “lay a hand on her” or that my 8 month pregnant sister might be a bank robber. Hmmm….

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Bunny Tuesday

 This edition of Bunny Tuesday brought to you by The Toothfairy who visited our house Sunday night. As you can see, she was thrilled! Of course, once she realized that The Toothfairy would take her tooth, she became somewhat agitated. I attempted to calm her down for the rest of the day. No dice. She was pretty upset! Luckily, The Toothfairy had a plan. She left the tooth for Bunny’s baby book and requested that she be allowed to take the rest for babies who needed them. She also left $2.00. Upon waking, Bunny was thrilled to discover that there was $2.00 left for her, but beyond insulted that the tooth had been left behind. Sigh. Poor fairy.  

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