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Felt Me Up

Over the last few months, I have been taking some yoga classes. I have been trying my best to commit to these as religiously as possible. The fact that I have had to lug my yoga mat (which weighs a considerable amount actually) to yoga classes while I juggle a towel, purse, and other winter necessities (toque and mitts for example) has made me realize that a roomy yoga mat bag would come in very handy indeed.

Yoga Bag Pre-felting 

To that end, I have been endlessly working on this new bag using Patons SWS (Soy Wool Stripes) in Natural Earth and Natural Moss. The pattern is more or less based on the pattern by Joelle Hoverson in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I have made a few simple changes – namely making it 10″ longer because I want to add a drawstring closure at the top. I also plan to add a pocket to the outside of the bag to store a towel, my wallet, and other such necessities. I am so close to being done and I can’t wait to felt the bag! I still have half of the strap to knit as well as an i-cord drawstring and the aforementioned pocket. The end is definitely in sight. I can’t wait to post a pic of this baby felted and stuffed full of yoga mat!

 Once I get this project off the needles, I will officially have only 11 more outstanding UFO’s to get finished before I can cast on for a new project. I am thinking that I will be able to commit to finishing the thrummed mitts next as they hold the most interest for me. Wouldn’t it be neat to get all the projects off the needles before casting on for a new one? I can’t remember the last time I had no WIP’s. Probably the day I learned to knit…

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Bring on the New Year

This Christmas certainly was full of fun and adventure. Bunny got everything she wanted – and some she didn’t want – like Christmas stitches. On Christmas eve, she was getting ready to go to church with the Grandmas. She was playing upstairs on the new hardwood in her slickery tights and came crashing down on her chin.

As a parent, I can tell you that the most frightening sound is that scream – the one that every child lets out when they are seriously hurt. It’s the worst sound in the world and can turn your blood to ice. When I heard this scream, I knew something was seriously worng and ran upstairs to see. Blood. Was. Everywhere.

 Long story short, Bunny got 7 stitches and has a chipped molar. Scary stuff. But, she was a trooper.

I took the stitches out yesterday and it’s healed nicely. All’s well that ends well. Right?

On a much happier (and less painful) note, I have officially reached “Loopy Groupie” status and wow, do the perks pay off!!  I received my order today and included was a great red handled tote (which I am told are being reserved for Groupies only) and a skein of CTH in an unknown (but spectacular) color that is right up my alley – how did they know??

 However, I am fighting off the urge to cast on with the new sock yarn right away because I want to finish the thrummed mitts that I am working on before spring comes.

These are being worked using the Yarn Harlot thrummed KAL pattern from 2004 and Classic Elite Renaissance yarn in a mystery blue color. The roving is some top merino that I picked up forever ago. Wonderfully buttery soft to work with and so warm. I can’t wait to get these off the needles and onto my hands!

Thrummed Mitts ala Yarn Harlot

As soon as I get at least 3 more projects off the needles, I can cast on for some of the things in my queue – specifically, Rusted Root, Jane Crossover, and a new pair of Cat Bordhi socks. Thank goodness Christmas is over – bring on the knitting for me!

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